Controlled Access to Confidential Data Is Crucial

If your company is involved in information that is classified as private or confidential, having control over access to that data is essential. Access control is essential for any organization that has employees who are connected to the internet. Daniel Crowley, IBM’s X Force Red team head of research, explains that access control can be used to restrict access to a specific group of people and under specific conditions. There are two major components, authorization and authentication.

Authentication involves making sure that the person you’re trying to gain access to is the person they claim to be. It also includes the verification using a password, or other credentials required before granting access to a system, network, an application, system or file.

Authorization is the process of granting access to a specific job function within the company, such as engineering, HR or marketing. Role-based access control (RBAC) is one of the most popular and effective ways to limit access. This type of access is controlled by policies that determine the information required to perform specific business functions and assigns access to the appropriate roles.

It is easier to control and monitor any changes if you have an access control policy that is standard. It is crucial that the policies are clearly communicated with staff to encourage them to take care when handling sensitive information. There should be procedures in place to revoke access to employees who quit the company, change their position, or are dismissed.

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