Modern Business Integration – Leveraging Digital Assets to Gain Competitive Advantage

Modern business integration must do more than simply make disparate systems work together. It’s about aligning technology and data to provide better and more efficient processes that serve your business’s goals and requirements. It’s about making the most of your digital assets, and providing your business with competitive advantages.

Many mid-sized, small and large-scale companies have IT systems that comprise a jumble of programs designed to perform specific tasks that don’t communicate with each other. This is especially relevant when companies use accounting software, supply-chain management software, and inventory tracking applications that each perform their own tasks. Eventually, this means lots of duplicate data across different systems that can no longer communicate with one another.

These are the main reasons businesses should utilize business integration tools and technologies to ensure the exchange of data with trading partners is safe and secure. These solutions must provide a wide range of communication protocols, and support the specific formats required by the specific business or their location.

The best B2B integration tools can help businesses streamline EDI data flows and application data flows between disparate systems and into a single platform, with transparency and governance features that help manage cost. Businesses can gain an competitive advantage by enhancing the information quality and visibility of their supply chain with respect to their trading partners. Business integration isn’t just about B2B communication. It is about creating a positive experience for trading partners that is geared towards the bottom line.

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